Seedling Sale

Pre-order your seedlings now!

Seedlings will be ready for pick-up starting in mid-March.

Items for sale include: broccoli, cabbage (red & green varieties), collards, cucumbers, eggplant, herbs (basil, cilantro, dill, & parsley), kale (Russian & curly), lettuce, watermelon, okra, scallions, Swiss chard, squash (summer & winter varieties), peppers (sweet & hot varieties), tomatoes (slicing & cherry varieties), and zucchini. See pictures below.

72-cell flats are $20.00 each

4-cell flats are $5.00 each

Swiss Chard

Curly Kale


Russian Kale

Bok Choy/Pak Choi




Red & Green Lettuce

Green Cabbage

Red Cabbage

And more!

Seedlings are currently growing at our in-town urban farm Williams Farm. For questions, or to visit the seedlings before purchasing, reach out to the Williams Farm Manager, Seth Nivens at

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