Tax Benefits for Landowners

Since January 1, 2012 the Georgia conservation tax credit has become transferable. This means that landowners who donate Conservation Easements (CEs) and cannot personally utilize the state income tax credit are now able to sell their credit to other Georgia resident taxpayers who want to reduce their state income tax liability. Landowners/sellers receive cash and credit buyers are able to reduce their income tax burden. At the same time, Georgia’s working farms, open spaces, wildlife habitat, water quality, scenic vistas and natural heritage are protected.

This new transferability also applies not only to CE donations made in 2012, but to pre-existing credits earned by CE donations made between 2007 and December 31, 2011 (credits earned in 2006 have expired). It is not clear whether, or for how long, Georgia law will continue to allow pre-existing credits to be sold.

Professionals who specifically deal with state conservation tax credit exchanges have now set up offices in Georgia. Landowners who are entering into conservation easements or who have existing credits may engage them to help them with the sale of their Georgia tax credits. These professionals will find buyers for the tax credits. These professionals are involved during the process of entering into conservation easements. In the case of pre-existing credits (for easements donated between 2007 and 2012) these professionals review the credits to make sure that they meet current standards for acceptable credits and determine whether and how these credits can be sold.

Landowners with pre-existing credits or who are intending to donate a CE may wish to consult these professionals to determine their eligibility to sell their credits.

The following (listed in alphabetical order) organizations are involved in state conservation tax credit exchanges in Georgia:

Conservation Tax Transfer, LLC
115 West Jefferson Street, Suite E, Madison, GA 30650
(706) 342 0073 (phone), (877) 542 1033 (fax)

Strugar Conservation Services
929 Pearl Street, Suite 300
Boulder, CO 90302
(303) 544 1044 (phone), (303) 544 1043 (fax)

Tax Credit Connection, Inc.
2919 W. 17th Ave, Suite 201
Longmont, CO 80503
(303) 774 8127 (phone), (303) 682 327 (fax)

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