Sustainable Gardening Workshops

The Sustainable Gardening Workshops will be offered monthly, open to the public and will coincide with the West Broad Farmers Market.

Join us for our Sustainable Gardening Workshops and enjoy other activities during our West Broad Farmers Market on the first Saturday of every month, May – December

For more information please contact  Stephanie Bergamo at 706.613.0122


October  – Vermicomposting with Decton Hylton

CGN OctoberOur October Sustainable Gardening Workshop and focused on Vermicomposting (generating compost with worms.) Decton guided everyone regarding which worms are suitable for composting and which worms are not, and discussed general worm biology along with the care of composting worms. We also discovered that Decton had had the opportunity to work with the internationally recognized authority on vermicomposting, Mary Appelhof!

August – Garden Planning with UGArden Farm Manager, JoHannah Biang

JoHannah Biang, Farm Manager of the UGArden, shared her expertise in Garden Planning during our CGN (Community Garden Network) Sustainable Gardening Workshop on Saturday, Aug 3rd, held during our West Broad Farmers Market.

Yes indeed. For both experienced and inexperienced gardeners, a good garden plan saves time, energy, resources, and promotes healthy plants, healthy soil, and thus healthy food! But sometimes, assembling such a plan can seem rather complicated. And nature itself can add uncertainty with unexpected fluctuations in precipitation, temperature, pest outbreaks.

JoHannah brought garden planning down to earth and addressed both the big picture and relevant details about how to assemble seasonal plans that work. And, she shared with us common sense solutions to typical set-backs most all gardeners sometimes face, as we sow, plant, harvest, and do so again and again, throughout our long growing seasons.

We enjoyed lively discussions with JoHannah and appreciate her Planting Guide calendar and the transplants that she brought.

July – Local Master Composters

IMG_2421Our CGN (Community Garden Network) Sustainable Gardening Workshop on Saturday, July 6th, held during our West Broad Farmers Market, featured local Master Composters, Kristen Baskin and Lisa Sehannie.

Kristen, of Let Us Compost, with her 2-week old baby on board, demonstrated why composting is so important to our environment, and showed us how we can generate compost ourselves or contribute to composting efforts. Lisa, of Worms at Work, and Food Scraps Diversion and Education, introduced us to vermicomposting, whereby worms generate compost we can use in our gardens and/or give as gifts to garden friends.

June – Beekeeping Workshop with Decton Hylton

_MG_9893Another great CGN (Community Garden Network) Sustainable Gardening Workshop unfolded Saturday, June 1st, during our West Broad Farmers Market.

Decton Hylton brought his beekeeping expertise to a crowd of interested attendees. Knowledgeable in both organic gardening and beekeeping, Decton reminded us of the importance of bees both as pollinators and as producers of various products that both bees and humans utilize. From a large image of the inside of a hive, to a viewing box with bees, to the equipment of a beekeeper, to _MG_9928honeycombs, Decton introduced us to the art, science, and nuance of beekeeping.




May – Organic Disease and Pest Management with Dr. Elizabeth Little!

DSC06847Even though Saturday, May 4th, was rainy and cold and otherwise not very conducive to an outdoor venue, we did have a great CGN Sustainable Gardening Workshop, held during the grand opening of our West Broad Farmers Market. Dr. Elizabeth Little led the Workshop and talked about organic pest and disease management in Georgia. Elizabeth brought some sample leaves and plants to help us further identify garden problems. We had planned to wander the garden with her, to learn more about how to be a plant disease detective, but the rains dampened that idea. Maybe we will have that opportunity again. To be in the field with an expert is always a wonderful way to learn and retain.

April – Tomatoes!

IMG_1825A lovely April day greeted CGN (Community Garden Workshop) gardeners, guests, and volunteers at our West Broad Market Garden for the monthly CGN Workshop, the topic of which focused on tomatoes.

Dana Blanton demonstrated proper planting and pruning of tomatoes and included a hands-on practice session for identifying tomato suckers to be prune and not to be pruned.  Fenwick Broyard furthered that aspect of tomato cultivation by presenting options for staking and/or trellising.  IMG_1831And Stephanie Bergamo discussed organic insect and disease control with an emphasis on sound cultivation practices.




March  – Learning to Identify & Control Spring Crop Pests

Cabbage loopers and worms, aphids, yellow-margined leaf beetles – these are a few of our less favorite things during this season of early vegetable crops. At our March CGN Workshop, held at our Market Garden, we discussed how to keep these critters from munching on collards, kale, cabbage, and other such crops.

We also talked about and demonstrated how to prepare and plant seed potatoes, and we distributed a selection of early crop seedlings, seeds, and other garden essentials, to CGN gardeners for their community garden endeavors.

February – Preparing for Spring Crops

The Preparing for Spring Crops Workshop was  held at our West Broad Market Garden, we discussed soil testing, preparing the soil for spring crops, sowing spring crop seeds, and other aspects of “what to do during February” in the vegetable garden.



January -  Vermiculture,  learning about composting with the help of worms.

November – with Let Us Compost






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