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Fourth Street Village is an apartment community for 120 families. It is located directly across from Howard B. Stroud Elementary School (formerly called Fourth Street Elementary School) on a 9-acre tract zoned for multi-family housing. Fourth Street Village is located along the bus line and is close to a grocery store, pharmacy and other desirable amenities. The property has a community center on site that includes a computer lab, fitness center, swimming pool, and laundry.

Fourth Street Village provides rental housing for 96 low-income families making 50% of Area Median Income or below. This project also includes 24 market rate apartments. ALT and our partner Ambling Development received financing from PNC Multifamily Capital and from the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

There are many supportive services for residents, such as employment programs, homeownership counseling, resident involvement in decision making, a safety program, and tenant counseling. Ongoing activities are computer classes, financial management seminars, and residents’ association meetings. These services are administered by ALT and Ambling Management in partnership with many local agencies and businesses.


 (Above) Fourth Steet Village residents enjoy the holiday dinner in the community center

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