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Stay up to date with all of Athens Land Trust’s construction! We have finished construction on the 165, 175 and 185 Cannon Drive homes and are currently building three new homes in Cannontown.

April 5th, 2018

Construction of the final phase of the subdivision at Cannontown has started. The lots are been prepared for the foundations and when completed the lots will have three 3 bedroom 2 bath homes on them.

February 19th, 2018

On February 19, 2018 Athens Land Trust hosted a ribbon cutting celebration for the completion of three new energy efficient, affordable homes. Three new homeowners cut the ribbon on their new homes.  Radio personality, Lady B  from WXAG 92.7 FM and 1470 AM hosted a live show with music on site. Refreshments were served and guests were able to tour all three of the homes.

October 30th, 2017

The new homes on Cannon Drive are coming close to completion. Drywall is now installed, and painting, flooring, and fixtures are next.

Check back in for more progress, pictures, and updates.  For more info about 165, 175 and 185 Cannon Drive, contact Housing Director David Ogunsanya at 706-613-0122 or


September 21st, 2017

Progress on 165, 175 and 185 Cannon Drive has come along quickly in the past four months. The exterior sidings are complete, and windows are now installed. Spray foam insulation is now being installed and the drywalls are next. Once finished, these 3 bed/2 bath homes will be welcoming 3 first-time homeowner families. We are very excited!

Check back in for more progress, pictures, and updates. For more information please contact Housing Director, David Ogunsanya at:

August 7th, 2017

The framing of the homes in phase IV of Cannontown are beginning to take shape!
Construction has moved along quickly in the past two months and the changes are looking wonderful.
Stay tuned for more updates and photos as we continue to make progress on these wonderful homes.

July 11th, 2017

Construction on the new Cannon Town homes is in its earliest stages but progress is moving along quickly in the cozy cul-de-sac. Blocks for the foundation of the homes have been laid and the framing of the homes are about to begin. Make sure you stay tuned for more updates and photos.

June 1st, 2017

ALT is proud to announce that new construction in the Cannon Town cul-de-sac has begun. Three new homes are being added to the subdivision, making a total of 12 permanently affordable homes on Cannon Drive. The three lots are still in their earliest stages but have already been cleared of trees and rubble. The construction team is working diligently on the retainer walls and will soon be leveling the lots. Stayed tuned for more progress and Photos.

June 29th, 2017

We are proud to announce that construction on 277 and 279 Paris Street is complete. The two new homes are looking great and two applicants are lined up to move in soon.

277 Paris Street

279 Paris Street

May 30th, 2017

Exciting updates on the two new homes located at 277 and 279 Paris Street!  Major Construction has come to an end and the final touches to the interior and exterior are in progress. Exterior painting is wrapping up and all kitchen appliances will soon be installed. The Kitchen cabinets and countertops are installed and the bathrooms have been completed. Lighting fixtures and floors are soon to be finished in the next few weeks. For more info about the 277 and 279 Paris Street homes contact Housing Director David Ogunsanya at 706-613-0122 or

March 7th, 2017

Construction on 277 and 279 Paris Street is moving along. The exterior siding is complete and drywall is being installed. Construction should be wrapping up soon, but in the meantime stay tuned for more updates and pictures. For more information contact Housing Director, David Ogunsanya at:

706-613-0122  or

February 14th, 2017

Construction on 277 and 279 Paris Street continues to move quickly. With framing and roofing complete – rough plumbing, electric, and HVAC installations can begin. Water supply lines and bathtubs are now installed. Check back in for more progress, pictures, and updates. You can also stop by the Athens Land Trust Office to pick up a housing application. Is 2017 your year for homeownership?

January 31st, 2017

The Paris Street homes are looking great! Framing and windows are now complete on 277 and 279 Paris Street. In the next few months, the 3bed/2bath homes will be completed and two families will have the opportunity to become first time homeowners. Don’t wait, stop by Athens Land Trust to pick up an application today. In the meantime, stay tuned for more progress and pictures.

 January 19th, 2017

The lots on Paris street are beginning to take shape! Construction on 277 and 279 Paris Street has moved along quickly revealing tons of progress over the past few months. The two homes have a long way to go until completion, but the framing for 277 and 279 Paris Street is up and looks lovely. Stay tuned for more updates and photos. These homes will be ready before you know it so stop by our office to pick up an application and begin the process of becoming a homeowner.

For more information contact Housing Director, David Ogunsanya @ 706-613-0122 or



December 14th, 2016

Construction on 277 and 279 Paris Street are in its earliest stages but are coming along smoothly. The Concrete for the foundation has been poured and Construction of the retaining wall has started. Blocks for the crawl space have arrived and are waiting to be installed. Make sure you stay tuned for more updates. The 3bed/2bath homes will be here before you know it!



November 23rd, 2016

Construction on Paris Street is progressing. The two lots have been cleared, graded, and now have concrete footing for the foundation.


November 11th, 2016

Exciting news! – ALT begins construction on two new homes.  Following the recently completed homes in Cannontown, the two lots on 277 and 279 Paris Street are now in progress. Both lots are in the beginning stages of being cleared and graded, please stay tuned for more picture and further progress.


August 18th, 2016

We are happy to celebrate the completion of our three new homes.

Electronic Block Party Invite












August 1st, 2016

Exciting news!- We are nearing completion, and now have decks on all of the homes! In 2 more weeks, we should be finished with construction.







May 24th, 2016

We are excited to show our progress as we enter into the last month of construction for Cannontown Phase 3!

130 Cannon Drive

IMG_1730 IMG_1727IMG_1720 IMG_1728 IMG_1723 IMG_1721


140 Cannon Drive

IMG_1719 IMG_1711 IMG_1719 IMG_1706 IMG_1707

150 Cannon Drive

IMG_1687 IMG_1696 IMG_1699 IMG_1700

April 19th, 2016

April has been a busy month! Framing and windows are complete on 130,140 and 150 Cannon Drive and focus is switching to the interiors. Stay tuned for interior pictures and progress.

140 (2) 4.19.16

140 Cannon Drive

140 4.19.16




150 4.19.16

150 Cannon Drive

150 (2) 4.149.16



130 4.19.16

130 Cannon Drive

130 (2) 4.19.16


March 11th, 2016


150 Cannon Drive

150 3.10.16

Construction is progressing quickly for 150 Cannon Drive. Framing has been completed, and is beginning on 130 and 140 this week!








March 9th, 2016

IMAG2229 (1)

150 Cannon Drive

In March, framing began on the first home, 150 Cannon Drive.






January, 2016 

Lots 1.8.16

140 1.12.16

Ground broke in January on Phase 3 of development!