Board Members

We would be nothing without our Board.

Our Board meets on the third Monday of each month at 5:30PM in our office; the meetings are open to the public.

Angela Johnson, President
Manager, Chick-Fil-A
Athens, GA

Lara Mathes, Vice-President
Planner, University of the Georgia Architects Office
Athens, GA

Gregg Bayard, Secretary
Co-Founder of Parallel Housing, Inc., a non-profit affordable housing organization
Athens, GA

Gloria Bizzle
Retired, University of Georgia
Athens, GA

Delreey Faison
Athens, GA

Kirrena Gallagher

Elizabeth Gavrilles
University of Georgia
Athens, GA

Jared Harper
Retired Teacher
Athens, GA

Charley Hill

Elizabeth McManus
Jackson Spalding
Athens, GA

Brant Rackley
Real Estate Sales/Housing Inspector
Athens, Georgia

Ed Taylor

Donna Thurman
Athens, GA

Alfie (R. Alfred) Vick
Professor, Landscape Architecture
Athens, GA

Dev Weeks
Retired Attorney
Athens, GA